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Services Offered By Felix Pantaleon

Name and Company Reputation Repair - Have bad results on the web? I can help fix it, by using various methods to either bury results or get them completely removed.

Web Site Creation and Development - Creating websites from scratch example NYYNEWS.com was 100% custom made and coded by me. Or any script installation app like Wordpress or any similar content management system.

Video Production & Graphics - I have produced TV Shows, Movies, Documentaries, Podcast and more. Examples of my video production can be seen here. I'm an expert in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere and more.

Audio Mastering, Mixing and Voice-overs - I'm an expert in Adobe Audition and other audio mixing and mastering programs. Examples of mixing and mastering here.

Seo and Social Media Growth - I also specialize in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and growing a person or companies social media presence.

OSINT Services - Open-source intelligence

Felix Pantaleon Bio

Felix Pantaleon is also a video producer, along with being a Web Designer & Coder.

Felix Pantaleon's parents come from Salcedo Dominican Republic and was born in Washington Heights on March 3, 1985

He founded NYYNEWS.com in 2005.

Felix Pantaleon is also active in fitness and likes to travel.

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